Why Bookshelves is must

For all the book lovers among us, finding the right book-shelf is always a challenge. Not just the books, you might feel like displaying the unique artifacts that you have been collecting from your travels around the world. The right bookshelf would certainly add a lot of character to your home.

However, when you are buying a bookshelf, there are few considerations to make. You can even buy bookshelf online. Here is a guide to what to look for while buying home furniture like a bookshelf.

  • Accessibility - A good book-shelf will allow your books to be accessible and available for use. The design should allow maximum space and flexibility for all the books across the shelves. 
  • Material - Solid wood bookshelf looks super classy and elegant. You can find the best priced solid wood bookshelves online. 
  • Price - A bookshelf should be durable and worthy of its price. It should add to the charm of your home decor.

Here are our top 8 picks for the best bookshelf available online 





1. If you are a minimalist and do not want to compromise with your home decor, then this is the best choice for you. The industrial-inspired metal frame with a unique geometric pattern will be a perfect complement to your book collection. Being lightweight it brings a feathery touch to the ambiance of the room. The compact design is very appealing and perfectly accessible by all members of the family. The iron frame is black in color and would suit any wall coloring. The top shelf can be used for displaying photographs in exquisite frames or keeping vases with delightful flowers.




2. Many decor lovers find solid wood bookshelves to be very appealing. And rightly so, this piece will catch the attention of one and all. It has a regal aura to it. The wooden finishing with polished undertones makes this shelf a stunner. It has got 5 shelves. All of the shelves are open and hence easy to access. Being on the wider side, you can experiment with aligning the books in both upright and slanting positions. You can make the bookshelf itself a feature added to your home as standalone furniture against a pale-colored wall or you can decorate a corner area with a complimentary seating arrangement. It would be ideal for setting up a reading nook in your home.



3. There are many ladder designs that you will come online. What truly sets this one apart is the drawers that are added at the bottom. The rustic finishing has an old-world charm. Being handmade and carved from wood, this furniture piece itself feels like a narrator of a story. The design is highly functional as books are accessible from multiple sides. You can store manuals and old journals inside the drawer chest. The quirky design would bring an edge to your home design style.




4. The unique round shape instantly will make this shelf a hit at your home. It is extremely durable as it framed in metal and the shelves are made of Sheesham wood. Not just books, you can display plants, showpieces and other decorative items around the house. The openness of the design allows the user to access from any side they please. It is a great housewarming gift which would be very meaningful. It can be kept at hotel lobbies or simply tucked in the comfort of your home.



5. It is a beautiful design. The glass door frame makes it very attractive. It is easy to care for and absolutely handmade. It would enhance the beauty of any study-room. You can use it to store your special books; the glass door will protect it from any depreciation. The sheer finishing is very glossy which makes it a posh choice for any home. You can order online and get it delivered to your home. The width is ideal and the depth will accommodate most books. It is very sleek and modern in appearance.




6. It is a grand bookshelf that would look supreme. The spread makes it very appealing. Though it has a solid wood appearance, the structure is hollow and can be easily moved around. A perfect compliment for your feature wall. Not just books, you can use it for displaying anything that you consider dear to you. It can also be used as a divider in the room. The aesthetic design gives it a class of its own.




7. For someone who is looking to add a piece and instantly give their dining or living area, this is the best option. It is a great game-changer. The piece comes with 6 drawers and plenty of open shelves. The shelves are ideal not just for books but for all artifacts that define your home. You can put it all in one place on this shelf and have it displayed. The colorful addition on drawers and doors makes it a very lively piece of decor. It is truly vibrant.




8. If your home boasts of being a classy house then do not give this bookshelf a miss. It is a must-have for you. The rich texture of the Jodhpuri-style shelf brings a traditional yet very postmodern decor touch to your home. The brass doorknob acts as a reminder of an era long gone, just like a page from a fairy tale. The compact design is very functional. Ideal for a few of your favorite books or as a memory stands for times to cherish. The top can be used for an indoor plant or a vase of your favorite flowers


If you are looking for reasonably priced yet stunning furniture pieces, head to the best online furniture website. You will be enthralled with the collection and give your home a fabulous makeover. 

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