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What type of furniture must be in the house

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Furniture plays a vital role in defining any interior space and highlighting the desired theme. Furniture in different spaces have different function and defines the aesthetics of that zone. For instance, a storage unit in the kitchen is used for stacking cutlery, whereas the same unit in the pantry can be used for utility essentials. A chest of drawers in the bedroom can work as a dresser while outdoors can work as a shoe rack.



Let’s check out the must-have furniture in your home for each space:



1. Entrance/ lobby

The entrance is the first impression maker for any space. Make the space look warm and welcoming. Try placing a vintage wooden console with some accessories, fresh flowers, and an interesting mirror to make space look bigger.



2. Living room furniture

Living rooms can be sued both for formal and informal meetings, welcoming guests and having a nice in the house party. The furniture should be classy and trendy to make an impact. Have sufficient seater sofa seating, some accent chairs, side tables, coffee tables, and a television cabinet. One can add accent wall shelves, photo frames to add warmth to space.



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3. Bedroom furniture

The bedroom is a very personalized space and most time is spent here. Get a nice wooden bed, bedside tables, a television unit, chest of drawers and if space permits a nice accent lounger with a floor lamp. 



4. Dining room furniture

The dining table should be as per the family pax. The chairs can be wooden with fabric upholstered seating. Décor the table with a nice table runner, cutlery and accessories. One can also add a tall unit or display cabinet to keep extra glassware and cutlery in place.



5. Study area/library furniture

The study area is a space for personal meditation and working. Keep a nice collection of books well organized on proper shelves. Accent lights, ergonomic table and chair with some planners here and there can make it perfect home office/study room.



6. Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture can be in metal or seasoned wood to enjoy a perfect view with a sip of coffee with your loved ones. Add planters on the wall, railings, and floor to add the earthy touch to space. Spare magazines, storage baskets, and some interesting artifacts can add a cozy vibe to the entire space.



Furniture of interior design is as paint to an artwork. Furniture refers to an object that can be moved and made for various human activities. They serve an almost unlimited function from sitting, sleeping, eating, and relaxing. Many furniture pieces are also used for showcasing various objects as well as a means of storage. While other aspects of interior design contribute to the overall look and feel of the room, it is the furniture that gives the space life, making it a comfortable space for people to work, play, relax, and generally live.


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