Unspoken Coffee Table Story

Let’s go back to the day when it was raining heavily and you came home badly in that rain from office. All the way, while coming for home, you were thinking of rushing home fast and have coffee at your favorite place in your house i.e. your coffee table. As you entered the house, you changed and had your cup in your hand and moved towards that coffee table. Wasn’t that moment very soothing and relaxing? Wasn’t that so deep breathing and to be called “your own personal time moment”? As you sat there, you were in your own world. You didn’t want to talk to anyone. You and your coffee were just sharing some cherries moment with that coffee table. Sometimes when you are tired, you look for space that is close to your heart, your coffee table, And sometimes when You are feeling lonely and your coffee table was the place which gives you companionship. Those books on the coffee table, which are enhancing the Eliteness of your house and Reflecting your personality give you much more happiness rather than going out for clubbing with friends, especially when you are in introvert or ambivert. 😀




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  And if you are a writer and coffee lover, the chemistry between and your coffee table would have been the most special space for you in your home. You may spend most of the time on the coffee table, sipping your coffee, and giving rise to your dopamine to think better and give more astonishing seed thought to your mind. Don’t know, how many stories, Scripts, and write-ups you may have written on that corner of your house. You might have spent day and night and that table has a strong bond with you.


How many success stories that the table might have written for you.


Do you remember that incidence, when some guests came to your house and your coffee table was the center of attraction of your living room, decorated with some of your favorite books and a pretty flower pot on it? And your guests were talking about it all the time and you were mesmerized by it.


 And do you remember?


That coffee table was just not a coffee table, it was talking all about your personality and character. You may have many memories attached to your family, Grandparents or grandchildren.



 Your way of sitting on that coffee table and the kind of cup you have, the choice of books you keep on your coffee table can be a subtle statement and an easy way to start a conversation when you have friends or guests at home. Having books on your coffee table also gives a personal touch to your home and the kind of structure and material you have used (wood, Plastic, iron, etc.) all talk about your personality.


 It talks about your glance and exhibit who you are and your way of thinking and what not? Have you ever thought, your coffee table, which is indirectly reflecting your glance could be an inspiration for someone? Someone who has visited your home got impressed by your personality by looking at your choice of taste and have told you on your face that you have become an inspiration for me and I will do the same. Isn’t it a proud moment for you?


If you are the one about whom all the incidences are talked till now.



Congratulations to you...!!!



Or if you are not, it’s not too late, you can be one of them and can enhance your personality and by adding glace of a coffee table in your living room anytime.


 Now the question comes which material should be used to construct a coffee table?


   Many times people are confused that what material they should use for the manufacturing of coffee table, what size and shape would be appropriate to their living area according to the space and location of the house. Actually, the most common construction of coffee tables is out of  wood  


   In Europe, the first table specifically designed as and called coffee tables, appear to have been made in Britain during the late Victorian era, which was also made of wood. Mainly coffee tables are low table  and this idea may have come from the ottoman empire based on the tables in use in tea gardens. And the best part is, even you have a small house, the coffee table would be your closest friend as it is so much flexible and occupies the least space in your living room. But if you have a huge space and your living room is big, you can have a big coffee table. While buying a coffee table, you should be careful about its combination with your sofa and the interior of your living room. Depending on the layout of the room, the shape of the coffee table can be square, rectangular, oval, round, hexagonal, etc. Apart from the shape and the proportions, other aspects to consider include the material from which the table is made, the finish and the color. These elements have to be sync in order for the design to be successful and suitable for space.


The Home Dekor has decades of experience in designing solid wood coffee tables of your choice and they are experts to help you in designing your favorite space of your house, your coffee table. They understand and feel your emotions attached to it. They understand that it’s just not a furniture for you, you have a strong emotional connection with it, therefore, they design it according to your taste.



When you have a large space, it is important to have the choice of material, color and it’s beautiful finishing. It is natural that if the surface is huge, the visual impact of the table would be large. Suppose, if you have opted for a solid wood coffee table from home decor. The grain and the color of the wood would take center stage, revealing the material and uniqueness of your personality and imprinting a warm and welcoming ambiance of the whole space.


A few of the great Examples of coffee tables are; Cerne duo and Juniper coffee table.


The uniqueness of the Cerne table is that you can use it in multipurpose. It is one table which looks likes a joint of two tables and if you want, you can fold one pair under another by having a flexible movable proportion in it. As their slabs are made up of solid wood, it is very hard and has a long life.


  And Juniper is in high demand if you have a huge space in your living room. It looks unusual because of it’s contrasting form and solid wood material. Its separation look makes it more interesting and increase the elegance of your personality with its charm.


Likewise, there are varieties of coffee table available at THE HOME DEKOR AUSTRALIA PTY LTD


Experience of The Home dekor in designing your taste of coffee table is unbeatable for decades. So what are you waiting for? It’s about your dream coffee table, giving a second thought to it will delay the choice of making it true. Delaying dreams make people incomplete, and you are not one of those who are born to be incomplete without accomplishing your dreams.


  Once a writer said: If Coffee Were Like Dreams, Then I Would Be Wired In Constant Bliss, Never Needing Sleep To Live Out My Dreams and that dream came true on my coffee table.


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