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Title: 7 Creative Ways to Fill Your Apartment’s Bare Walls

Big, blank walls can range from unappealing to downright unsettling. You walk in, and all that stares at you is an empty expanse of whatever color you had it painted.


The thing is: 


Most people don’t appreciate an empty wall that serves no purpose except being bare. 


But decking it out can get fairly expensive — that is, if you go the traditional way with high-end artwork like paintings.


You can, however, take advantage of our seven creative and unconventional ways to fill up your apartment’s bare walls. 


There’s a plus: 


All the entries on this list are pretty pocket-friendly!


1. Use Decorative WallPlates


Wallplates are neat, beautiful, and unexpected!


If you’ve desired an affordable way of getting the same appeal you’d get from paintings and pictures, wall plates are the answer.


They are a creative do-it-yourself way of adding texture to your wall, making it stand out with little effort. The upside to wallplates is that they work fine on any wall, whether it's your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. It's all about striking a balance between the number of plates, the wall’s size, and the color scheme.


You may want to go with two contrasting colors when shopping for the plates, say black and white. Some could be plain, while others sport elaborate designs for a gorgeous blend.


Also, plates for decorating a wall are readily available everywhere, and they cost little if you buy them online.



2. Try Split Poster Wall Art


A split poster wall art can be a fantastic way of bringing your blank wall to life with a beautiful piece — or in this case, pieces — of artwork.


If you’re a visual arts person who would prefer a painting or an intricate, framed drawing gracing your wall, we’ve got a quick and fun DIY Alternative for you.


For your split poster art, all you need to do is print your favorite picture in HD with your preferred dimensions. Then cut it into two or more pieces — this is where your creativity comes in — and hang it up.


This type of wall art hardly ever fails, not with the stunning effect of two or more pieces brought together to complete the whole picture.



3. Decorate With Wall Mirrors


Did you know you can give your wall a brand new existence with just mirrors?



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 Wall mirrors have an elegant touch about them, which will give your living space a chill, luxe appearance (if that's what you're going for). Still, they come in various shapes and sizes; you’re sure to find something that suits your style. If you prefer old-school, for instance, you can go with antique or gilded mirrors. Depending on your preference and the effect you're after, hang a single full-length mirror or go with a stylish cluster of mirrors. We find clusters to be absolutely perfect for transforming bare walls into gorgeous focal points. 


4. Mount Woven Baskets 

    Are you looking for a completely different and refreshing look for your wall? Woven baskets can be your budget-friendly replacement for a high-end piece of art. You’ll probably spend less than $50 on a few basket designs without compromising on the whole look. You see, baskets are plain unconventional wall décor, which makes them unexpected yet surprisingly beautiful. With woven baskets, it'll feel almost like a gallery wall as you get to play around with various colors and designs that complement your palette. And of course, you can get baskets at affordable prices in craft shops near you. 


5. Hang Macrame 

      Macramé wall hangings have never lost their touch. Especially if you're going for the unconventional, free-spirited boho vibe. The best part is macramé has legit conquered the wall art scene. It offers a wide range of designs from simple to intricate patterns with cultural inspiration from all over the world. If you are not that confident about your ability to deck out your wall or you don't have the time to throw yourself into it — macramé is the simple answer. These unique pieces hardly ever fail.  


6. Add Stylish Wooden Shelves 

      Shelves are a fantastic way of transforming your bare wall into a neat piece of artwork. There are dozens of ways you can decorate with wooden shelves depending on your taste and wall space. And, you can take advantage of the extra storage room for your collections. Here are some easy shelf arrangement ideas you can use: 

  • Nail individual shelves on your bare wall and spruce them up with vases, frames, books, etc.


  • Arrange three L-shaped shelves on blank corner walls in your living room or kitchen


  • Suspend singles shelves on a couple of ropes and decorate with books, plants, and other collections


  • Nail several small shelves on the wall. They come in various shapes like round, hexagonal, etc. Use the created storage for your collections



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7. Decorate With Plants One of the easiest ways to fix up your walls fast is to bring in indoor plants. They add a burst of color to the room while taking care of the bland vacant wall. There are various ways you can go about adorning your wall in green houseplants.You can go with vining plants, especially on your living room wall. Set up the plants to follow a specific rope path for a unique design.  Planters and terrariums are also excellent options and a lot easier to set up. Just suspend them on the wall from various angles for an unexpected but balanced look. Or, if you want to go all-in with a fully vertical garden on your wall, knock a shelved panel or a trellis on the wall.    



      A home should be a place where you feel completely at ease, a place you can escape after a long day. Yet, a massive amount of empty wall space is hardly peace-evoking. Why don't you try one of our seven quick-fix ideas from this list and see if it works for you? Who knows, perhaps this is the inspiration you need to nail the look you've always wanted.

Author Bio:
Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management. He has over ten years of experience in the conventional housing industry and works with Alexan on 20th Street Station on a daily basis to help them with their marketing efforts.

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