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Solid wood Beds


Choose the right bed for your bedroom


A bedroom is the most used space of a house and bed needs to be really comfortable to ensure a sound healthy body after a tiring day at work. On average, a person spends a third of their life asleep. Bed and mattresses are central to every aspect of how a person lives their lives. A right bed helps to improve the quality of your sleep. Good sleep leads to better health, less stress, and more creativity. 


Solid wood Beds are available in different materials, shapes, and sizes. One can make a choice of bed as per the needs and wants and availability of space in the room. Wooden beds are very sturdy, durable, and most popular ones. They are available both with and without storage. One can have a side drawer’s storage and even a hydraulic mechanism in the wooden beds. Metal base beds are strong but usually lack a comfortable headboard. They are good for industrial purposes like camps, hospitals, hotels, hostels, etc. particle board beds are machine-made and usually come knockdown, assemble required and use the technique.  

Beds are also available in different types. The crib is the bed for newborn babies (2 to 3 years old). There are separate kids’ beds for 3 to 10 years old with a mattress size of 1300 x 700 mm. single beds are for young professionals, teens, and hostelers that is, 10 to 24 years old with a mattress size of 2000 x 900 mm. bunk beds are dual beds and good for rooms with high ceiling heights. With one bed on top of others, a bunk bed makes a perfect room for siblings. Sofa cum bed is a popular choice for living and entertainment rooms as it works as a sofa in the day and bed as night. It is also a space saver solution for smaller homes and also as additional sleeping space for guests. Queen bed size comes with a mattress of 2000 x 1500 mm and works well for smaller rooms. King size bed is perfect for a couple as it comes with a mattress size of 2040x 1830mm. beds are also available in custom sizes with custom made mattresses as per the client's needs and space requirements. Other types of beds include divans, day beds, camping beds, hospital beds, etc which comes with custom features, sizes, and requirements. 


While making a bed selection, visit a couple of websites and offline stores. It is always a good idea to not just look at the bed but to lie on ti to check the accessibility, strength, and comfort of the bed. Choose the bed finishes and materials as per the interior finishes of your room so that the furniture blends perfectly into space. Select the size of the bed as per the size of the bed. If needed, take the bedside tables along with the bed to make it perfect combo fit into space. Make a choice between with or without storage bed as per your storage needs and ensure the easy accessibility for the drawers and storage unit. once you have made the selection, pick the mattress according to the size of the bed and get ready for a beautiful sleep tonight.

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