Story of Sheesham Wood

Story of Sheesham Wood 

We all are aware of wooden furniture in our houses, but have you ever thought that wooden furniture is made by different types of woods like oak, Sheesham, mahogany, teak, etc?

Sheesham wooden furniture is very strong, stable, and durable. It is the wood of Dalbergia sissoo tree commonly known as the north Indian rosewood tree.  It is a tall fast-growing tree. The furniture has elasticity due to the nature and properties of wood. Elasticity in Sheesham helps to tolerate loads and make it perfect for commercial use. The natural wood grain makes the Sheesham wood furniture looks aesthetically pleasing and classy in the space. One can smartly use Sheesham to make doors, windows, and other wooden furniture.

Benefits of sheesham tree for farmers and Factory people. It is also useful for its medicinal values.

Sheesham wood trees provide shade and shelter, and oxygen for living. Sheesham twigs can be used to multipurpose to build cattle sheds, cooking food, make various agricultural tools, etc.

In-country like India, where more than half of the population is dependent on agriculture, and farmers struggle to make a better livelihood, Sheesham is considered a holy tree. People plant a Sheesham tree on new birth in the house as the tree can eventually help the family financially. Farmers sell the wood commercially to factories for the construction of furniture and other Sheesham accessories. Sheesham has been for long a major economic timber second to teak and is used for various musical instruments, ornamented and agricultural implements.

Why sheesham is unique and has multiple uses, lets read.

Sheesham wood is directly taken from a tree, dried, and treated to avoid wrapping and cracking and used in its pure state to make furniture.  Sheesham wooden furniture needs a little maintenance and care from time to time. Sheesham wood is hard-wearing and low maintenance and It does not get scratched or dented easily through everyday use and won’t require more than easy cleaning to keep it in good condition.  Well care in time can give you beautifully aged over time wooden furniture which can work as a highlight in your home. Choose Sheesham wooden furniture to create a dashing range in your interior space. Adorn your home with Sheesham wood furniture and enjoy the heavy and dense, durable, versatile, and attractive finish of the furniture with good pest and decay resistance.

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