How to restore the dining chair

Solid wood furniture comes with the magic of DIY fixing anytime anywhere. If your dining room chairs are getting old and worn out, you can always consider to repair them than opting for new ones.

Fixing the wobbly legs, or changing upholstery of the seat and back cushions and even simply altering the final finishes paint coat can make a lot of difference to the existing solid wood furniture.


How to restore the old dining chairs?


1) First of all, it is important to identify cracks, scratches, or any other damage which you want to repair.



2) Clean the surface of the dining chairs to remove dust and dirt with cloth or sanding paper. Fix the starches with scratch remover, and fix the cracks with new wood or wood filler. Screw uptight the wobbliness in the chair if any.


3) Clean the surface again to remove any dust and dirt residue with thinner if its hard in nature.


4) Apply a clear coat of primer. Let the primer dry completely. You can use a fresh roller or paint brush to coat the chair with paint.


5) Let the first coat completely dry and then apply the second coat. The second coat of primer will remove the scratches and unevenness on the surface if any.


6) Then use colour of your choice to make the dining chairs vibrant and fresh.


7) Post colouring, check out the matching upholstery fabric or leather and upholster the chairs. In no time, you will have a striking set of brand new looking dining chairs.






Breathing new life into old solid wood furniture is not a quick process but completely worth it. You can enjoy the same old furniture beautifully for years to come. The antique furniture restoration with right tool and processes brings the pieces back in vogue!


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