Importance of traditional Indian furniture

Traditional Furniture

India is proudly known as the land of rich culture and traditions. The handcrafted and skilled artisans using age-old techniques to create and develop different products like bidri craft, rosewood inlay, marble inlay, wood carving, etc. are admired and respected globally. The country with a history of different kingdoms and dynasties brings together the story of vibrant colors and assorted handcrafted techniques in textiles and woodworking.

Right from massive wood carved doors and windows in Havelis to aroma diffusers, every product is richly handcrafted using old designs and techniques. These products hold the value of cultural importance and work as highlight pieces even in modern interior styles.

The carving details, motifs from the Mughal’s architecture, floral patterns, woodturning technique, etc. adds richness and class to a furniture piece be it bed, center table, or chest of drawers. The aging wood of these designs further adds the vintage touch to the entire interior space. 


Some famous detailing in traditional wooden designs:


  1. Bakara design

 artisans use this pattern for various furniture products like beds, dining tables, chairs, sideboards, coffee tables tec. The design is unique and narrates a historic tale indigenous to the city of Rajasthan. The process needs skilled artisans for wood and metalwork. The process begins with wooden planks being joint together and then cut into required sizes and hand-carved accordingly. The metal sheet is embossed in the required shape and fixed with neat and detailed finishing. The hand-crafted technique requires skilled labor, time, and creativity to turn the product into a beautiful heritage story.


Jaroka Design:



  • design is inspired by ancient crafts and the detailing is very often seen in doors, windows, and verandas in old Havelis, forts, and palaces in India. The Jaroka pattern can be well crafted into furniture like sofas, outdoor seating, bed backs, and dining chairs. The process involves finishing the wooden planks, cutting them into desired sizes, carving by hand, and then assembling and finishing the final product.
  •    Mahrab carving design is perfect if you wish to blend age-old heritage and culture to your contemporary lifestyle. The carving details can be added to almost every wooden furniture with little patience, time, and dedicated skilled artisans.


Brass Embossed design


Embossing in any furniture adds depth and layer of detail which makes the product stand out in the cluster of furniture pieces. The brass embossing can be done on contemporary patterns and detailing to highlight masterpieces in an interior space.


Indian rich heritage and culture have been amalgamized with solid wood furniture bring out a story in every space. It adds the richness and skill, a touch of indigenous and reflection of one’s personality. Try out different crafts in your solid wood furniture and let the interiors narrate the story for you!


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