Importance of Mattress

Choose the right mattress for your comfort


The bedroom is the place where a person ends up after a stressful and hectic day. The neat and clean well-made Solid wood bed results in sound sleep and proper relaxation of mind and body. Mattresses add to the comfort and give your body the right balance while sleeping. You can top up for mattresses with mattress pads, protectors and quilts, and pillows for additional comfort.


Sleeping is essential for recovering from the day and getting all geared up for the next day. During sleep, our body gets repaired and refueled with energy. Sleep also helps us to remember better. While we sleep, memories, and activities during the day are better organized in our brains. Good sleep helps to recover those memories and experiences the next day. Stress is a natural and positive part of our lives which affects our sleep badly. It raises the metabolism of the body and prevents one from getting peaceful and uninterrupted sleep one needs for proper recovery.

It is important to maintain proper lights, the temperature in the bedroom for sound sleep. Also, biologically, it is important to support your spine correctly to help the body relax. If you are out to buy a new mattress for yourself, ensure its neither too firm nor too soft. It has to be just right! The right firmness leads to proper pressure distribution and point elasticity. There are different types of mattresses available for your personal choice and preference:

Types of Mattress

  •  Coir Mattress: This mattress is made of coconut coir and it’s made up of 100% natural material.
    Coir Mattress
  •          Coir with Foam: This mattress is a mix of coir on one side and foam on another side. And it can be used from both sides, the coir side is a bit hard and the foam side is soft.
            Coir with mattress
  •          Foam Mattress: These mattresses are made with the hard form at the center and
                                        a layer of 10 to 25mm of soft foam over it.
           Foam Mattress
  •          Bonded foam mattress: These mattresses are the hardest mattress in the foam segment,
             the bonded foam is made by the used foam, scrap of foam. These foams are cut by a shredder in
    small pieces and then shaped in sheet size according to requirements with the help of glue.
           Bonded mattress
  •          Spring Mattress: Mainly two types of spring mattress are available i.e. Bonnel spring & pocket spring



Type of Spring Mattress




Chose the right mattress size as per your bed size and check the right firmness and comfort of the mattress. Enjoy the mattress with mattress pads for additional comfort and sound sleep at night.

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