How to revamp your old furniture free?

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Wooden furniture has its natural charm and blends well in all interior styles for every space be it a living room, dining, bedrooms, study area, and even outdoor furniture. The wooden grains and finishes offer natural beauty. Wooden furniture comes with strength, durability and long life.



Wooden furniture can be easily carved with intricate designs using skilled craftsmanship. Different wood types build multiple affordable ranges for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Wooden Furniture is also seen to be quite versatile because it can be designed and shaped into different forms. Hardwood furniture doesn’t sag over time as it can maintain its strength for years. Its enduring look and appeal bring warmth and character to every interior space.



Rightly said, old is gold. The vintage or aging wood has its allure. Wood tends to change color over time naturally leaving behind a beautiful art piece of furniture that caters to both aesthetic and functional needs of a space. The old furniture has intricate hand detailing and carved ornaments which adds value to space. By adding antiques in interior design, you can create an extraordinary and charming atmosphere at your home. The amalgamation of old with new adds interesting taste in an interior space. You can successfully mix items from different countries, styles, epochs creating eclectic and one of a kind interiors.


Old furniture tends to add a touch of sophistication to the décor of your home. An antique piece usually appreciates over time. At the same time, to let the wooden furniture age naturally takes time and patience and yes, a lot of care and maintenance. Dust your wooden furniture regularly and keep it away from direct sunlight and extremely humid conditions. Wax and polish the surface of wood regularly to keep it always shining like newly bought. A little care here and a little care there can do wonders to your wooden furniture.



Are you wondering, that to naturally let the wooden furniture age, would mean you not being able to redo your interiors ever? Guess not! Here are some smart ways to revamp your old furniture every time you wish to change the look and feel of the space, and at the same time, let the wooden furniture age naturally


  1. If you have a storage unit of the bookcase or say a chest of drawers, use dry eraser paint to DIY your drawer’s facia and convert it into ever-changing work of art.

  1.      Wooden consoles, side tables, end tables can be artistically painted and recoated in colors of your choice. Match the wood color with your interior finishes and enjoy a different theme every time. 

Console table


  1.      Reupholster the fabric of your wooden bed headboards and footboards, sofa seating, chair seats and back and even for outdoor furniture. This adds a new gradient to space and makes your furniture look peppy with new and trendy nicely upholstered fabric

Couch reupholestary


  1.      Add fresh new and tasteful accessories to ornate your exiting dining tables, side tables, and cabinets. This makes them a complete masterpiece and adds great value to the entire interior space. The choice of accessories reflects upon your personality and taste in design. Choose the right accessories which go artistically with the look and feel of your furniture.




  1.      Curate some interesting patterns on your study table, dresser and bed end tables to add a personal touch and charm to your old wooden furniture


  1.      Wax, polish or change the finish of your wooden furniture. This will not only give you a new warmth in the interior space but also keep your wooden furniture well maintained.


  1.      Make your old furniture your DIY project and use reclaimed wood with adhesive to redo panels like tabletops, dresser tops, console tops, bed headboards, and footboards.


  1.      Add a payer of interesting veneers, laminates to your existing furniture and give them all together with a new look


  1.      For outdoor cane furniture, DIY some perfect multicolor cross stitches. Make furniture your canvas and explore all the creativity you like.

  2.      You can also DIY some uprising details to your furniture to add the WOW factor and charm the old wooden furniture!


you ever thought that revamping the old furniture can be so much fun? While you are at home, make every wooden furniture your canvas and portray a new story for every interior space.



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