How to Make Your Apartment Cozier This Winter

The leaves have changed and fallen from the trees as the air becomes noticeably more chilled. 


Winter is on the way, which means you’ll be spending more time indoors. You may be taking the opportunity to look around your space and think of creative new ways to make it more comfortable as the temperature continues to drop. 


If you’re at a loss for ideas, don’t stress: updating your apartment and making it cozier this winter can be more affordable and straightforward than you might think. 


Here are some pro tips for transforming your apartment into a warm haven so you can enjoy the colder months comfortably. 

  1. Try New Textures and Tones 


Sure, many people believe springtime and summer are ideal seasons for giving their apartment a new look. But winter offers just as many opportunities for inspiration to rejuvenate your space and transform it into a fantastic place for entertaining guests and cozy, quiet weekends alike. 


How? Start with your walls, accents, furniture, and floors. 


You can try a new, unique paint color or even textured wallpaper (you may be surprised at some of the new, stunning options available). 


Add pops of rich color on door frames or accent walls, consider high-pile rugs with plenty of texture, and look for side tables crafted from natural wood: this season is all about comfort, so be brave with warm textures and tones. 

  1. Add More Throw Pillows and Blankets 


Whether you’re planning to stream all 11 seasons of your favorite show or host friends and family for game nights, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of throw pillows and warm blankets to make your favorite rooms comfier than ever. 


Don’t be afraid to mix and match different fabrics and colors. As long as you stick to a common theme, more variety means a richer visual experience. As an added perk, having different weights, materials, and textures available means you’ll have options to accommodate the different temperatures or preferences of your guests. 


  1. Update Your Curtains 


You may only think about your curtains when it’s time to open or close them, but have you thought about how they contribute to the feel of your space?


If you’re looking for ways to make a refreshing change, it’s time to take a look at those curtains. 


Try replacing them with curtains crafted from a rich, textured fabric that features either a bold new color or a unique pattern. 


Planning to sleep in? Invest in blackout curtains or drapes that can keep out the morning light so you can maximize your time after hitting the snooze button. 


  1. Give Each Area a Purpose 


What do you envision when you think of creating a cozy winter apartment? 


Maybe a reading nook, space to play video games, designated yoga space, or art corner comes to mind. Perhaps you’ve been wondering where to set up your turntable and record collection or create the perfect home office. 


Whatever your vision may be, the coziest homes create space to honor what you love and need to do. With that in mind, think of ways to give each apartment area a designated purpose and add practical elements like storage or multi-functional furniture to your apartment checklist.


  1. Create an Indoor Garden 


Winter may not seem like the best time for gardening. But with a bit of know-how, you can cultivate an inspiring indoor garden regardless of the season or outside temperature. 


However, before you buy any new greenery, be sure to note where you plan to place your indoor plants and how much effort you can dedicate to caring for them. 


You’ll want to pay attention to the amount of natural light available, proximity to vents and windows, and the amount of space your plants will have to grow. 


Information about caring for plants is abundant online for enthusiasts of every experience level, but you can also ask an expert at your local plant or gardening shop. 


  1. Honor Your Memories 


Last (but certainly not least), one of the most beautiful ways to make your apartment feel cozier this winter is to add personal, nostalgic elements to the space. 


You might dust off your favorite family photos and invest in decorative frames to finally put them on display, or add some shelving units so you can always look back on heirlooms or meaningful mementos from your travels. 


However, you choose to honor your memories, display objects and photos in related groups with taller items toward the back. Be mindful and selective; having too many nicknacks can sometimes appear chaotic and cluttered. 


Staying inside this winter doesn’t have to be disappointing. In fact, with a few clever design adjustments, you may be surprised at how your previously so-so apartment can become your favorite place to be. 


Try a few (or all!) of these tips, and you’ll see just how transformative a few thoughtful changes can be when it comes to reinventing your space and making it cozier. 


Good luck, and have fun!

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