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Here's How Experts Buy Furniture For A Small Apartment


       Finding your dream furniture for any home can be a challenge. It becomes an even more significant challenge when you are looking for Solid wood furniture online for a small living space.



    Experts run into this problem when their clients ask them to furnish and design their small apartment or tiny house. However, just because the floor space is lacking doesn’t mean your furniture should be. 



They’ve learned some tips and tricks on making furniture work in a small apartment without making it feel cramped. All it takes is a smidge of ingenuity and choosy furniture shopping to make it work. 



Here are how experts shop for furniture for these small living spaces:



Non-Traditional Furniture



You can’t just pick any furniture pieces when you have to consider floor space. You must look for non-traditional furniture for the most comfortable home.



Look for pieces that fall into one of these categories:






The goal is to leave as much space blank as possible when you don’t have much space to begin with. If you can find pieces that can do double-duty, you’ll need less furniture in the long run.



Look for multifunctional furniture pieces. An ottoman that is comfortable enough to work as a bench or chair and a footrest but also sturdy enough to act as a table is a perfect example.



If this ottoman has added storage as well, it’s even better! 



Extendable Dining Table



Furniture that can expand and retract when the situation calls for it works well in a small apartment. This way, you can still have the extra furniture when you need it, but it disappears when you don’t.



coffee table with seats that fit underneath is an excellent example of an expandable piece of furniture.



Three cubes that fit together for one table like nesting dolls is another great example. You can take the cubes out as needed or collapse them into one table if you want more space.






A couch that unfolds into a bed is an example of convertible furniture. You can also find coffee tables that have a top that pops up to use as a desk.



There are fantastic furniture designs for people who need several pieces of furniture but only have room for one. 



You can find handy pieces of furniture that begin as one piece but convert into a completely different piece with a flip or a twirl of a knob.



Wall Mounted



Since floor space is so precious when the floorplan is small, wall-mounted furniture is ideal for small apartments. And while wall-mounted furniture may be a new concept for you, it is becoming increasingly popular.



You can install a table that folds down and back up when not in use. Some desks fold up or down depending on your current need.



You can also create your own wall-mounted furniture by adding hooks to your wall. These are great for holding extra folding chairs or TV tables when you don’t need them. 



Less is Best



A common mistake that many small apartment renters commit is buying a lot of little furniture. 



It is better to buy a few big pieces than a lot of small pieces. This keeps the room less cluttered.



A clutter-free space makes the room look bigger. Simplicity is vital for small living spaces, so try to find only the necessary pieces and stick to those. 



Consider Color



A small space splattered with all the colors of the rainbow can look even smaller. There’s just too much going on in one little area.



 Monochrome coloring makes the room look less busy. As an apartment renter, you don’t have much choice with the wall colors, but you can help make the rest of the apartment blend.


What colors are the walls? Buy furniture online that blends with that color.  As a general rule, neutrals work with everything and lighten up the place. Dark colors make the rooms look smaller. 


Along with dark colors, you will want to avoid bulky fabrics with complicated patterns.



Look for Sleek Furniture



Traditional, homey, oversized furniture is not the way to go if you have a small apartment. 


Of course, you still want to have some comfort but look for cozy furniture with less added fabric.


Furniture with exposed legs takes up less floor space. The skinnier the legs, the better. Furniture with fabric covering the entire piece will make the room look smaller than one you can see under.


When choosing tables of any kind, pedestal tables are better than those with four legs.


Transparent furniture, such as those made with glass, gives the illusion of less used space. Since Wooden mirrors reflect the opposite side of the room, it can also make the room look larger. 



Tall and Thin 



When choosing furniture for small living spaces, experts tend to gravitate towards tall, thin pieces. You’ll want to find those that use vertical spaces best, especially when choosing bookshelves and dressers. 


High-back chairs provide comfort without taking up added space. Furniture that takes advantage of the full height of the room without taking up so much floor space is the way to go. 









It is possible to thrive in a small living space. But first, you need to shop for furniture wisely, using this article as a guide. 


If you simply buy what you like, you may find that you don’t want them quite as much when you feel claustrophobic at home. 


Experts have dealt with this challenge many times. Learn from their experience and use these listed types of furniture to make your small apartment a comfortable home. 

Author bio: 

Karen Lein is the general manager of Copper Beech at San Marcos and Grove San Marcos. She is a Fresno State alumni and enjoys traveling and watching football. #GoDogs

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