Furniture Range

Design your home with a splendid Range of solid wood furniture

 The home furniture is all about comfort, style, and warmth. Be it traditional, or mid style or contemporary theme, everyone wants to create a space of luxury with a set of simplistic yet modern looking furniture. Every space in the house narrates a story and highly impacts one’s daily chores like eating in dining areas, get to gathers in living area, personal time in bedroom, reading time in study, etc. it is important to know the purpose of furniture, size of the space where the furniture needs to be placed, material, design, color theme before selecting any furniture piece. Solid wood furniture is not only comforting but also blends well in terms of durability, functionality and adds a tint of unique texture to modern furniture designs. Wooden furniture, decor accessories, flooring, ceiling, and even wall claddings are modern interior design trends that add comfort, pleasant feel and healthy and relaxing accents to eco styles which enhance the modern interior design and space planning for healthy living. The Home Dekor offers you versatile designs in solid wood for your living area sofa sets, dining tables, bedside table, office desk, hydraulic beds, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, etc. which blend perfectly with your interior style and needs.


Furniture Range includes a family of products made in the same design, available online. 

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