Fight against COVID-19 or Corona Virus

COVID-19! Corona Virus



How to sanitise furniture and home



How furniture plays an important role to fight against COVID-19 or Corona Virus 


Confused? It indeed has an important role in this pandemic & it is very important to choose the right furniture to fight against COVID-19 crisis. The whole world is suffering from the coronavirus, we all need a solution to it but the worst thing being the unavailability of an antidote to counter this virus. We can only fight against this by social distancing and solid wood furniture will play an important role in the following ways- 


1) Starting with a small but one of the most important items that can be used to dine on, resting/placing the laptop while working comfortably from home, reading books, etc. So, guess what it is. --

Its a solid wood bed tray




Epoxy breakfast tray




2) Sofa Cum Bed


Very important items and must-have in every home and solid wood sofa cum bed by The Home Dekor is the perfect item for long term use without any issue. And so if some feel he/she may have the coronavirus then they can use this sofa cum bed as a sleeping bed for them shelve and make a social distance from his/her family easily in a separate room. It is very easy to use 

solid wood Sofa cum bed



3) Chest of Drawers


Multiple chests of drawers is also a very important solid wood furniture items to organize different mask in different drawer i.e 3ply mask in one drawer, N95 mask in other & allocate one drawer to FFP3 mask with a slip written or pasted to the front of the drawer for easy and fast searching when needed. And other drawers for medicine, hand sanitizers, soap, etc. which are required in a tough time of present COVID-19 virus crisis.



Solid wood chest of drawer


4) Wooden Writing or Pasting board

One can use this to remember things like what to do and what not to do when to take medicine, what to eat when to call to doctor and number of days in isolation or Quarantine, improvement health chart from COVID-19 virus whereas pinboard can be used to stick doctor slip and other important documents required to survive from COVID-19.



Writing board  



5) Wall Rack


Wall hooks can be used to hang clothes N95 mask etc. separately from other family members its easy to hang and can be removed from one room to other as per the requirement to save our family members from COVID-19 virus spread through clothes



Wall rack 


6) Curtain Rope

It's very important for a small house or home with more members, so by addition curtain and rope one can make a partition in a room for separate isolation or Quartine period on a temporary basis. 



And many more furniture items that can be useful to save humanity from the current coronavirus. Please share your ideas and comments on how to use the furniture or other items in a home for better social distancing, Isolation or Home Quartine



Together we all have to come forward and save our selves, our family, our society, our country, and our world. We have to think beyond borders and religions. If any symptom occurs home isolate your self and consult a doctor immediately.

Stay Home, be informative and be safe 




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4/11/2020 7:13 PM
Informative blog, i have a question regarding cleaning the furniture in this situation, because the virus might stay on furniture, thereby infecting people.
4/13/2020 6:42 PM
The solution which The Home Dekor suggested are commentable .please follow these simple but useful and durable remedies to fight corona virus .Thank you The Home Dekor
4/15/2020 2:10 PM
Hello Himanshu, Thanks for your comment, please follow below link to clean your furniture DIY