Factors to Consider Before Buying Wooden Dining Tables

Oh! It was a hectic day and you forgot to have lunch, you even skipped your breakfast in the morning and full day you were doing back to back meetings in the office.


You even didn’t realize that you have missed your meals but there was someone who was worried throughout the day for you as she knows if you skip food, you have a headache. She is the one who didn’t eat and kept waiting full day till evening for you to come home. She Prepared all your favorite dishes and decorated the dining table with full of love. She has called you many times in a day but who were unable to pick up her call due to your hectic schedule.

The most beautiful person on the universe, who can’t swallow a single bite without you.

She has been sitting on the most beautiful Space of your house, which has Enhanced the glance of the house and has become the center of attraction in the whole house.

You might be guessing, Who am I talking about and what is the place I am talking about?

Yes! I am talking about your mother and your dining table respectively where your Complete family unites every evening for having dinner together to share good and bad happenings of the day. A place where family reunion has created a lot of beautiful memories in your life. A place where food has helped in vibrating the love and affection all around the home. The place is not about eating food, it’s about a family time when you spend some time with them on that table, your full stress gets released. In this fast life, Grandmother has still never forgotten to tell stories and good saying about life which mostly comes on the dining table when the whole family is sitting together.


Do you remember that evening? When you had a stressful day due to work and you came home with a bad mood, your mother or your spouse or someone who is close to you has pampered you on the dining table by feeding you with their hand?

 Didn’t you feel relieved at that moment? You may be thinking why you have been emphasized on recalling all your dining table memories and moments? Because The Home Dekor has brought an idea to make your dining space more beautiful and royal so when you enter there you feel relaxing and healing your mind and body while eating food. At a time, when a lot of varieties are available in the market, it is a very challenging task to decide which is best for your place, what quality of material and which variety of material should be used. And in the thought of choosing the best dining table, often people get confused about the Shape, Size, Color, and design. They find it very difficult to decide what is best according to their personality and glance. Often, we take advice from our friends and relatives. But they share their taste and after listening to a lot of ideas, we lose our idea and become the reflection of someone else’s personality in choosing our choice of dining set of table and chair.


Now you don’t have to worry, as The Home Dekor is bringing its decades of experience (almost fifteen+ years) to help you in guiding and choosing your taste of dining table set online in Sydney Australia.

By itself, The Home Dekor has a wide variety of dining table sets available like; Extension Dining Table, Latin Dining Set, Vintage Dining Set,  Small Dining Table, Oval Dining Table, Herringbone Dining Table, Industrial Dining Set, Epoxy Dining Table, Round dining table, etc. And a solid wood dining chair and benches to complete the dining set.


 But which one goes perfect to your house depend on the space given for dining table & Chair set in the house by architect while designing the roadmap of your house, choice of color you have in your home, a location which has been provided to decorate the dining table in that house, your requirement as a number of people going to use it, your budget would also be considered. Foremost, your personality, so when people enter your dining hall get Mesmerised and keep talking about it everywhere to give an example to have a dining hall like yourself. Thus, by seeing all the above things, experts of The Home Dekor will help you in choosing your dining set.

There is one thing, for a long time history, which has been proving itself, which will help you to take the first and foremost step to choose the type of material and variety you should use in your dining table. Yes! You guessed it right, I am talking about solid wood furniture. In a matter of fact, truthfully, durability and long-lasting property of solid wood has allowed it to create its space in our homes for decades. 🌳



Lakshmi Dining Table

Price:- $. 500 $. 400
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Distress Top Dining Table

Price:- $ 800 $600
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    • If you have less space in the dining room and more people, easily extendable dining is good for you. After use, it is easy to fold. Specifically, when you have guests at home, it will make your impression a benchmark on them. You can have this dining table beside your kitchen area and you can use this table in multiple ways.


Extension Dining Table

Price:- $ 900 $ 650
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Sydney Dining Table

Price:- $ 1500 $ 1150
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  • If you have huge space then you are free to choose large dining table but here you can have some grace in it by choosing Herringbone design dining table with dining chair Or Highland Chair Brown and some oxygen plants in the corner side of the dining room with lamp light which gives the feel of candle lighting with the vibration of peace.


  • If you have less space and fewer people, Small dining table is best suited for your home decoration. In small spaces, it has its own royalty. It enhances the grace of the dining room by solid wood material and Vintage Chair. A small flower pot in the center of the table with a glass dinner set will completely make the space beautiful.


Likewise, you can choose flexibly a wide variety of dining table of your choice with the help of The Home Dekor.



Virginia Woolf said; one can’t sleep well, think well and love well if one has not dined well.



Therefore, choose your sleep and love wisely by selecting the best dining set for your home furniture online.

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3/13/2020 4:36 PM

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