DIY Handy tips to maintaining Solid wood furniture hygiene


DIY Handy tips to maintaining Solid Wood Furniture hygiene

Easy DIY furniture Tips

Amidst unprecedented times that we are currently encountering, it has become increasingly imperative to ensure the highest levels of hygiene around us. This not just includes the cleanliness of our bodies and homes but also ensuring the sanitation of our furniture is more necessary than ever before. As families, we invest deeply in our homes and in the solid wood furniture that we purchase. At The Home Dekor, we strive to offer you products that are robust, deliver impeccable craftsmanship, and will last long. However, maintaining the charm of these furniture pieces requires regular effort. Here are a few tips, that will not only assist you in ensuring superior levels of furniture hygiene but will also aid in safeguarding your home’s gorgeous décor for many years to come.



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  1.      The magic potion of ‘TEA’ – This one flawlessly does the trick when it comes to removing old polish from wooden furniture. Several times, the furniture in our homes has years of old polish attached to it. This drastically impacts the robustness of the strength of the wood. We at The Home Dekor Australia Pty Ltd recommend that you boil hot water, and add two tea bags in the same. Once the tea cools down and reaches room temperature, then take a cotton cloth, damp it in the tea and cleanse your wooden furniture. This process will remove all the old polish that is eating up your furniture from the inside and at the same time, this will give a refreshing new look to your home.
  2.      Toothpaste Twinkle – Yes, you got that right! The toothpaste that we use every day has the ability to combat watermarks that are there on the furniture. No matter how many ‘Use coasters’ reminders do we get, it is almost impossible to not spill a drink on wooden furniture once in a while. And in such a scenario, toothpaste comes in handy and you can exterminate these otherwise resistant watermarks on the furniture. For this, you will need a white, non-gel toothpaste. Rub this paste along the lines of the stain and within a short span, you will witness these scars disappearing or dampening. You don’t have to scrub it for too long so go easy and give your wooden furniture a refreshing renovation.
  3.      Baking soda to the rescue – All our furniture is sometimes encountered with extremely difficult to remove stains. This includes ink marks, oil stains, or even paint. To remove such scars, mix one tablespoon of baking soda with the exact same quantity of water and curate a paste-like mixture. Keep the mixture for a few minutes and then apply this paste on the stain mark. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wipe it with a damp cloth. This strategy is used to remove even the most stubborn stain marks. Once you clean your furniture like this, it is recommended to wipe a layer of polish to preserve the finish of the craftsmanship.
  4.      A ray of clean hope, Dish Soap – As a light acid, dish soap can cut through multiple layers of dirt. Add one spoon of vinegar to the same amount of dish soap and lukewarm water and thoroughly stir through these ingredients. Use a sponge to absorb this mix and rub it lightly on the stained part of the furniture. Once the stain dampens or disappears, use a dry cloth to further wipe the surface of the furniture. Vinegar may leave a slight tint of smell that will eventually disappear within 4 to 5 hours.
  5.      Ammonia mix does the trick – A combination of 80% water along with 20% ammonia creates one of the strongest mixes you can use to clean your wooden furniture. Blend the ingredients well and dip a sponge or clean cloth within. Start by gently rubbing the impacted part of the furniture. However, the key here is to make sure that you don’t let ammonia sit on your furniture for too long as that may lead to a lack of luster and shine on the surface. Instead, gently rub the area with sponge and almost immediately wipe it with a clean cloth dipped in room temperature or slightly lukewarm water.
  6.      Regular dusting – The above-shared tips come handy when things go extreme. But even if all is well around your solid wood furniture, it is suggested that you dust your furniture on a regular basis. This assists in establishing basic levels of hygiene around the furniture. On certain days, you can even take a damp cloth and wipe your furniture but always remember to make sure that water does not sit on your wooden furniture for a long time.

Maintaining furniture hygiene is not only essential to beautify your furniture and make it look spic and span clean but it is also the need of the hour. This aspect of personal hygiene cannot and must not be taken for granted. The choice of the furniture that we make adds a spark of luxury to our homes and redefines its aesthetic appeal. To apply these tips at your own home and clean your furniture on a regular basis. If you have any doubts regarding a particular type of furniture, please reach out to our team. Use these methods and up your furniture hygiene game and share your experience in the comments section below.

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