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What type of furniture must be in the house
Furniture plays a very vital role in the house, its like blood in our body. Furniture is a small word but its branches are very deep, below I try to explain a bit. First of all its divided into room categories and then subdivided. Attached screenshot shows main categories on the left side,
Solid wood Beds
A bedroom is the most used space of a house and bed needs to be really comfortable to ensure a sound healthy body after a tiring day at work
How Furniture is made from Solid Wood?
Wooden furniture adds charm in the interior space. The open grains of the wood, finishing touch, and aesthetics add the earthy accents in the room. Have you wondered how wooden furniture is made, anyways?
Importance of Mattress
The bedroom is the place where a person ends up after a stressful and hectic day. The neat and clean well-made Solid wood bed results in sound sleep and proper relaxation of mind and body.
Why Nest is Important for our Future?

Going hand in hand with nature

With modernization and globalization, humans have taken a toll on nature with its fast racing industrialization and pressure to meet the needs of the growing population. This has adversely affected the lifestyle of flora and fauna and lead to the endangering of many species. One prominently engendered species are the birds.

Free wooden nest

   People generally tend to forget that they might be disrupting the lifestyle of some birds by ruining their nest. The nest is the place where birds live and lay their eggs.


Why Birds are Important for Us in Dairy Farming?

Benefits of Birds



Birds are natural musicians and their voice offers solace and tranquillity to body, mind, and soul.
They are spiritual healers and adds optimism and positivity in the surrounding. Birds even help trees
to cross-pollinate and help in the production of delicious fruits.

Birds are going endangered and extinct as humans use a lot of insecticides and pesticides. The
chemicals pollute their food and result in the death of most bird species. Deforestation is another
reason for the lesser population of birds as they have no trees to build nests and lay eggs on.
Radiation of mobile towers affects neutral strength which helps them to migrate from place to place.
This results in mental illness and loss of direction for a home for the birds. Pollution and global
warming further add to the plight of dying bird species.

 Reasons behind the death of most of the bird species-  

Save birds use THD free Nests
   We at The Home Dekor have taken an initiative to make wooden Nest and place in the world free of
cost. Our target is to make 10,000 wooden nests by 2021, and this target can’t be successful without
your support. So, we invite you to come to join us in this initiative to help the birds to grow and
survive. All living creatures should have the same right as that of human beings on Earth. But we
human beings don’t follow all the rules made by our Nature for the smooth flow of life cycle.


Join hands with us to save nature and bring back the lost balance in lifestyle for all flora and fauna.

You can order the nest from our website:-  The Home Dekor Australia Pty Ltd free of cost and pay only the courier fee.  The entire Home Dekor team thank you wholeheartedly for your support the cause. 

Note: Take a picture of the birds making a nest in our wooden Nest and post it on our Facebook page.

But we together can change it. Order the Nest, FREE!

 Order your free nest 

 We welcome all comments and suggestion

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