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Benefits of Mango Wood ( From Fruits to Furniture)

Mango wood furniture

Mango wood and its benefits

Mangifera Indica, commonly known as mango is not only the favorite fruit for many but also the favorite choice for solid wood furniture. The tree is considered spiritual in India and also worshipped for its multiple uses.

Mango can be cultivated in a tropical climate where it grows easily without changing or creating an artificial environment for it. The fruit seed is planted in potting soil and it is left to sprout within weeks. Once the seed sprouts and the plant become strong enough, replant it outdoors and watch it grow out like a tree. Mango is an evergreen tree and found almost everywhere. The natives of the tree can be ruled back to India, Myanmar, and East of Asia. The mango wood is easy to carve and shape into furniture. Its durability and strength make it most popular in making solid wood furniture. The natural color of mango wood is light brown and turns into beautiful discoloring by aging with time. The mango wood is receptive to wood staining which produces further rich deep brown colors. The wood has prominent grain patterns which are beautifully reflected in polished wooden furniture pieces. The mango wood blends perfectly with almost all interior finishes be it pastels, dark colors soft furnishings, or monotones.


Furniture from the Mango wood

Mango wood is hardwood with stunning natural grain patterns and markings which can be enhanced beautifully with a variety of stains and waxes to create innovative solid wood furniture pieces. It is easy to shape, plane, and sand, hence one can create beautiful ornate patterns on it. Mango wood furniture is a bit expensive but stays true to its price for decades without being damaged. Mango wood is water-resistant it can be used for outdoor furniture as well. Also, mango wood is prone to fungus and insect attacks, but as the wood dries out eventually and treated, the attacks leave behind beautiful patterns and colors on the wood which adds value to the aesthetics. Maintaining mango wood is easy, all you have to do is monthly polish and hydrate the surface to avoid cracking due to dehydration.


Het the mango wood furniture today and add the spark of aesthetics to your home interiors with interesting wood patterns and colors. The knots and marks add charm to the furniture making it a perfect blend of vintage and contemporary

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